Ship Chandler Surabaya

Ship Chandler Surabaya for Perfect Ship Supply Service

Surabaya ship chandler, supplying and supplying ship packages with its professional employees, is one of the most important enterprises of the shipbuilding industry. Ship management must be done professionally. Because it should be delivered on the day of the packages, and the supply of both fresh and frozen foods must be carried out with a cold chain. Our company which completes the needs of all kinds of sea vehicles without any problem, provides a faultless service in the port of Surabaya. Ship Chandler Surabaya facility which provides uninterrupted service for seven days and 24 hours has the infrastructure to meet the needs of all ships. Ship Chandler Surabaya, which meets the supply of the ship with its expert personnel, meets the seasonal vegetables and fruit supply shortly after being requested.

The supply time of the supplied and delivered packaging is important. The easiest way to ensure the long durability of the package is the cold air chain. Ship chandler carries out the supply and delivery of healthy, fresh, frozen and dry foods specially prepared for military, commercial and civil ships by expert teams. Ship Chandler Surabaya is one of the most important enterprises of the sector which supply the ship’s stores without any problems. Ship Chandler Surabaya, which has the infrastructure to supply the supply and supply from all over the world, provides its services according to the hygiene rules. Surabaya ship chandler has the technical infrastructure and expert teams to make delivery in Surabaya harbors. Ship Chandler Surabaya which transports all kinds of refrigerators with refrigerated trucks, carries out ship supply in Surabaya ports without freezing and dissolution chain deterioration.

Ship Chandler Surabaya which has a strong technical infrastructure, experienced, trained and equipped personnel, satisfies all kinds of ship’s demand of the ship, and has the ability to supply seasonal fresh food quickly. Fruits and vegetables, fresh meat, poultry, seafood, fish, breakfast foods, daily foods, cheese and eggs, pastries, sweets and candy supply of our company supply red and white meats, frozen fruits and vegetables, ice cream, cakes and pastries. Surabaya ship chandler meets ship owners or ship captain requests on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. With its history dating back to 2000’s, it serves in the ports of Surabaya.

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