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          South Kalimantan (Indonesian: Kalimantan Selatan, Jawi: کاليمانتان سلاتن‎) is a province of Indonesia. It is located in Kalimantan, the Indonesian territory of Borneo. The provincial capital is Banjarmasin. The population of South Kalimantan was recorded at just over 3.625 million people at the 2010 Census;[1] the latest official estimate (for January 2014) is 3,913,908.

Shipchandler Taboneo

Shipchandler Taboneo

One of five Indonesian provinces in Kalimantan, it is bordered by the Makassar Strait in the east, Central Kalimantan in the west and north, the Java Sea in the south, and East Kalimantan in the north.

About three quarters of the province is flat and less than 100m above sea level, while about 8,000 km² are swampland. TheMeratus Mountains are situated approximately along the south-western part to the north-eastern part of the province, dividing the flat area into two. Its highest peak is Gunung Besar with 1,892 metres.

The annual rainfall intensity is high, ranging between 2,000 and 3,700 mm. The mean number of rainy days per year is 120.Barito is the main river, used as a transportation route to the northern part of the province and to Central Kalimantan. Other smaller rivers are mostly springing from the Meratus Mountains.

The main natural resources in South Kalimantan are forest and coal. Coal deposits are found over almost the whole province, and in some places they are exploited commercially. Other minor resources are oil, gold, gem stones, quartz sand, phosphate and granite.

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